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Another EzyWalker is Installed in Virginia

A new 70' Ezywalker Horse Exercise Machine was recently installed on a horse farm in Clarke County, VA...

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EzyWalker Horse Exercise Machines

EzyWalker Horse Exercise machines will take the hard work out of your training and exercise program. Because the machines are fully adjustable in speed and direction they ensure horses get a thorough and consistent workout while cutting your labor cost.

The EzyWalker Horse Exerciser offers many unique features:

  • Increased productivity and labor savings
  • Easy loading and unloading of your horses allowing one person operation
  • Variable speed and direction control of the walker in order to customize your horses workout
  • The unit is safe with many built-in protection features to keep your horses from injuring themselves
  • EzyWalker features a direct drive motor system which is virtually maintenance free
  • And they are rugged and well built from galvanized steel to hold up against the elements and your horses' poor behavior.

EzyWalkerUSA is proud to offer four standard models. Custom sizes are available – please contact us for information.

Model # Number of horses that can be
exercised at one time
Outside Diameter Power Requirements
Model 57-6 6 57 feet 120/240 vac 20 amp single phase
Model 57-8 8 57 feet 120/240 vac 20 amp single phase
Model 70-8 8 70 feet 120/240 vac 20 amp single phase
Model 70-10 10 70 feet 120/240 vac 20 amp single phase

Please click on a model number above to see a detailed PDF drawing of that model.

Saftey Features

Horses are not tethered in any way in the EzyWalker Horse Exerciser. If a horse should stumble, the welded wire dividing gates are hinged to keep the horse from becoming injured. And for added safety, there is a padded curtain under each dividing gate. The bottom supports are angled outward to keep horses from injuring their legs or ankles. There are no sharp edges anywhere on the unit. The entry gate has an electrical interlock which stops the motion of the unit when the gate is opened.

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Because we know that horses sometimes have a mind of their own, we added a safe electrified gate between each horse. The electrified gates assist in keeping a stubborn horse moving and discourage bad behavior. Of course, the gate current can be switched on or off depending on your needs.

EzyWalker Controls

Control Panel

The controls are simple to operate. After turning on the main switch...

  • Set timer from 0 to 60 minutes
  • Choose either forward or reverse
  • Set the speed from zero to ten
  • 2 1/2 is a walk -- 5 to 7 is a trot -- 10 is a fast

That's all there is to it.