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Another EzyWalker is Installed in Virginia

A new 70' Ezywalker Horse Exercise Machine was recently installed on a horse farm in Clarke County, VA...

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Owner Responsibilities for

EzyWalker Installation

Upon receiving your order, EzyWalker will provide detailed written instructions for your site preparation. Owner responsibilities include:

  • Excavation, leveling and drainage of site
  • Center concrete pad for the drive unit
  • Footing material for the track
  • Electrical conduits, power, and ground in accordance with drawings to be provided
  • Frost-free water hydrant
  • Permits as required

It is critical that the site be level and well drained. We strongly recommend that a professional excavator be hired to excavate, install drainage, level and pour the center concrete pad. Thought should be given to surface that your animals will use. The type of footing you use is your choice.

Standard models of EzyWalker Horse Exercise Machines require 120/240 volt 20 amp single phase power for the drive unit. In addition, a 120 volt 20amp single phase service receptacle is strongly recommended. The electrical installation must comply with your local jurisdiction’s regulations. A package detailing complete site requirements is available.

A cold water frost-proof hydrant is required at a location of your choice within the center ring. This hydrant is used in the warm months as a water supply for the misting system.

After your site preparations are complete, an EzyWalker factory crew will transport the EzyWalker to your site and begin installation. Provided the site has been prepared according to the provided plans, most installations take less than two days. Training on the use and care of unit is conducted at the completion of the installation.

Local building, electrical and plumbing permits as well as contacting a source to locate underground utilities are the responsibility of the owner.

Please contact us if you would like additional information on site preparation.