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Another EzyWalker is Installed in Virginia

A new 70' Ezywalker Horse Exercise Machine was recently installed on a horse farm in Clarke County, VA...

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EzyWalker Horse Exercise Machines

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"When we were doing prep for the sale of horses, before we had an EzyWalker, we would have to hire multiple people to walk and lunge the horses - it was labor intensive. Then we bought an EzyWalker and cut our labor down to one person."

Ron Rickline – Xanthus Farms,
Gettysburg, PA – Thoroughbred Horse Breeder

"The EzyWalker came very well recommended. It has been trouble free. The fence system is second to none! The fence system is the whole key to the EzyWalker because it has some give to it. There are no hard places when the horse’s kick that will rip a shoe off or catch a shoe. A free walker like our EzyWalker can accommodate eight horses and cuts down labor."

Clovis Crane – Clovis Crane Thoroughbred Facility,
Lebanon, PA – Rodeo Star and Trainer